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(1st December, 2005)

CCO Committees

Alliances and Operations

The Role of the Committee is to keep track of the daily operations of the organisation and ensure that the organisation is being operated competently. Its other duties includes conducting interviews for newcomers so that they can understand the organisation’s culture, practices and beliefs as well as processes all applications and terminations of membership and ensures all requirements are fulfilled. It also seeks to provide alliances with other corporations, government bodies and NGOs so that communication can be effective and efficient.

The Goals of the Committee are:

Research and Resources

The Role of the Committee is to promote an on-going interdisciplinary dialogue among students, the private and goverment bodies that will explore the critical roles that climate change will play over time and its impact on the environment.

The Goals of the Committee are:

Strategic Relations

The Role of the Committee is at the frontline handling both external and internal communications. It aims to foster greater appreciation of the climate change amongst the community as a whole, and at the same time publicise Climate Change Organisation (CCO). It liaises with the various environmental Non-Government Organisations, youth groups, relevant government departments and authorities, etc. with the aim of collaborating and gaining support in projects related to climate change.

The Goals of the Committee are: